– Direct Delivery and Car Battery Assembly – Direct Delivery and Car Battery Assembly

Today I want to share with friends about If there is a problem with your car battery in the middle of the road, remember If you need a battery jump start, you can also call  Should your engine cranks but it fails to turn on your car, is able to check free.  So what else should you know about Go to the BATERIKU.COM website.  Between the verse written in it is: is services offered by the Astra Group to serve customers at their location. is owned by a local company and operated by free delivery and installation. Contact us for all your vehicle’s automotive and electrical services and repairs. One call for everything. Whether for your vehicle’s mechanical or electrical repair, contact us for a mechanic and we will come to you at no extra cost. offers the full range of automotive and electrical repairs that come to you, making it easy, saving time and cost. We always meet manufacturer specifications using approved and high quality spare parts and batteries to compromise your car production guarantees.

Do not know what to ask for help. Hence this kind of business is so much needed especially in the Klang Valley and other major towns in Malaysia. If in Ipoh there were also people who ask. But if it’s just a view point here. Keep this number – 1-300-22-2324 for an emergency.

This entry is just like an advertisement. But at the same time it feels very helpful.  I have also experienced such problems. Introducing the founder of – a unique business. Feel like I had seen him in my blog.

Azarol Faizi - Founder of

Azarol Faizi – Founder of

Exactly, he is my dear brother who never give up in doing thing. From childhood he was strongly trying hard in what he did and always obeyed the commandments of Allah at all time.  Hopefully, he will continue to succeed with his pursuit of business and help people in need. You can read the blogs by other entrepreneurs who talk about  

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Toll Free – 1-300-22-2324
Whatsapp – 012-938 8621 | 011-5675 6728 | 011-5675 6729

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Car Battery Problem? BATERIKU.COM FREE Deliver | Check | Install.  #GetSecondOpinion #BateriKong Call 1-300-22-2324 or Whatsapp 012-938 8621, 011-5675 6728 and 011-5675 6729 or download App at Google Play and AppStore now!